Bike tours

Duration: 4 hours

Stockholm is an easy city to get around in on a bike. Feel the wind in your hair as we pedal our way around Stockholm and many of the islands. Cross the longest bridge with a spectacular view over Stockholm or enjoy the hidden treasures the common tourist never gets to see. It’s fun to use the bike and this is the fastest way to get around in the city. Bike through the parks and the quiet countryside and take the pictures you never would imagine possible. On a bike in Stockholm almost everything is possible.

On this 4-hour biking tour you will get to see more of Stockholm than you thought was possible. From the vivid city center to The Old Town across the different islands to the beautiful parks.

Meeting point will be at the bicycle rental shop

Bike tours around Riddarfjärden

Let’s go for a lovely bike ride around Riddarfjärden, Old Town, Östermalm, City and parts of Kungsholmen. Here you will hear the story of how Stockholm was founded and grew to become a capital of a great power kingdom and then degraded to become one of Europe's poorest countries with a misery and a misery that blasted all borders. How we slowly recovered to become one of the world's richest countries per capita in 1970.

This tour must be pre booked 7 days ahead.

Bring your own bike or rent one for a day

  • 3-7 gear bicycle with a footbrake 225 SEK per day
  • Helmet á 25 SEK per day

At Rådhuset, Scheelegatan


At Rådhuset, Scheelegatan

The length of the tour

3 hours


8 persons


15 persons


295 SEK per person